Frugal Present Wrapping


Buying gifts can be expensive at the best of times.  There have been many an occasion where I actually dread having to not only buy the gift, but then there is the cost of the card and of course, the obligatory gift bag or wrapping paper and tag.

Last week I had to buy a gift for a new baby boy and was pretty chuffed to pick up a pack of two sheets of paper and two gift tags for just 80p in Morrisons (not to mention the cutest little slogan all-in-one in Debenhams reduced to just £2.40!) but for other celebrations like birthdays, I try and keep a roll of wrapping paper in the house as I find this works out cheaper and you seem to have less waste, just being able to cut off the correct size for your gift and no minuscule bits of wrapping paper laying around that will never get used.


I buy a roll that is pretty universal in design, something that will work for all occasions and both genders and when it comes to tags, I pick up a pack of luggage tags for £1 in the local Post Office which I not only use on my suitcase when I go on holiday, but yes you’ve guessed it, I also use them as tags for gifts.


You can buy the classic buff coloured ones or the primary colours which work really well with my balloon themed paper  and use them for Christmas wrapping as well. Its a pretty fashionable way to address things at present and they are all the rage at weddings for either favours or place settings and will be sure to save you a few pennies in the long run.


[Waste] Get Into The Tube


One thing I find really irritating is just how much product is left in a tube when you can no longer manage to squeeze even the tiniest bit out!  It happened this morning with my moisturiser, but luckily I have learnt to be well prepared!


I always wash up empty pots that beauty products or similar items come in.  Not only do they come in handy for holidays where “decant, decant, decant” are my key words for hand baggage only flights, but they also come in handy for times like this, when I cut the tube open and need to preserve the remaining product.


I use an orange stick to make sure I get all the product out, you could of course, use your finger if the tube is big enough.

This particular moisturiser really spreads easily and you don’t need a lot at all, so I reckon I have got a weeks worth of product out of a tube that would have otherwise been thrown away. Whether it’s a tube of fake tan, eye cream, body scrub etc, if it comes in a tube, I cut it open to make sure I don’t miss a drop!

Make sure you wash up and keep all empty pots in future, you never know when you might need one!

Do you throw your products out when you can’t get any more out of the tube?

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