[Money) A Funny Old Week

Lots of no spend days last week,  in fact although I moaned about my friend saying she would meet me for an all day breakfast at £4.95 with cup of tea included, it turned out to be the only day I actually spent any money!

Mon – No spend.

Tuesday – No spend.

Wednesday – Bus Fare £4, Blow Dry with Junior Training £5, All Day Breakfast £4.95.  Total £13.95.

Thursday – No spend.

Friday – No spend. We don’t do Valentines in this house.

Saturday – No spend.

Sunday – No spend.

Another funny old week of no late night Supermarket bargain hunting and no cheap flowers bought at all last week but I did have a bunch bought by a friend so that saved even more money, thank you S!

I find the easiest way to achieve lots of no spend days is to steer completely clear of the shops!  Once in town and it becomes a different story, I pop into Boots to look on their clearance shelf, I look at clothes, always on the hunt for a bargain, I’m tempted by coffee shops and caramel latte’s so by keeping away from the town centre definitely works for me.  How do you manage to achieve your no spend days and do you have to keep away from the shops to achieve them?



January Spend, Lessons Learned And Frugal February


Food:- £231.27.  Not bad for a family of four. My greatest success was last Sundays pork joint feeding us for three days and a couple of late night supermarket trips where I picked up lots of veggies which were made into soups etc

Utilities – Key Meters:- Gas: £70.00. Electricity £95.00. Always trying to be careful with our gas and electricity costs and consumption. Shame the rest of the family aren’t so good at it! Roll on summer when these costs will go down considerably! I know that the washing machine and tumble dryer use the bulk of the monthly costs but I refuse point blank to have wet washing hanging around the house after once reading it was bad for your lungs! I only dry things on an airer that can’t be tumbled dried as I always read the labels in an effort to look after our clothes.

Socialising:- £16.20. Lunch out with friends at a Brewers Fayre where meals were 2 for £10 and a top up Diet Pepsi was £2.35.  A bite to eat and drink last Sunday night at a local pub where my bar meal was £4.95 and I spent £3.90 on drinks.

Other:- £57.59. I bought two No7 Protect and Perfect gift sets in the Boots 70% off sale £4.80 each reduced from £16..  I bought 10 birthday cards for £1 in an effort to never get caught without a card! I bought a birthday card for a relatives birthday and put £10 in it.  I get my hair hi-lighted roughly every six weeks and that cost me £36 including blow dry.

Lessons Learned

Food: More than happy with the amount spent and the quality of food we eat. Will take advantage of half price meat deals in an effort to get more out of a roast dinner.

Utilities: Actually astonished by the gas and electricity costs, lets see how I can get it down for Frugal February.

Socialising: Very happy with the amount spent. I don’t go out often so there will be months with a zero spend.

Frugal February has kicked off with two no spend days so far and enough on the meters to last us a good few days yet!

How is your Frugal February going?

[FOOD] Late Night Supermarket Shopping


A quick trip to Tesco last night resulted in a few bargains.  Many things for today’s pack up like pots of pasta and noodle salad for less than 20p each, finest ham which went into a quiche earlier today and chicken for the Ciabatta rolls reduced to 50p for four. Pots of pineapple at 10p each always go down well in the lunch boxes but something I wouldn’t dream of buying at full price!


Small wholemeal loaf for 17p, pack of parsley for 8p and although 2014 has kicked off with a commitment to eating more healthily, I couldn’t resist 2 pots of fresh vanilla custard at 36p each once I saw that they could be frozen, perfect for crumbles or pies or just an indulgent treat with a banana if and when we can’t get by without something sweet. Nor I could I resist the four cream cakes for 42p, it is a one off treat and not something we have often. I figure all the healthy stuff is more than making up for the calories consumed!


The best buy of all is always flowers and at 30p a bunch I plumped for two, I like a nice full vase.


Flowers are a real luxury at full price but my home doesn’t feel complete without them. Oh and a scented candle!  That really is luxe for less!

I also had to buy a full price loaf of white bread for some family members and some bananas, so my my £5.42 reduced shopping basket increased by £2 to £7.42 and was the first food shopping I have done this year.

Have you got any late night supermarket bargains lately?