Christmas Food On A Budget

£2.66 Christmas dinner served up

I haven’t done much of my Christmas food shopping as yet. All the fresh stuff is left as late as possible and I like to have time to gather as much information as possible as to where the best deals and cheapest products are.  Luckily this year that was all done for me, as I was sitting doing some online food shopping the other day, there was a feature on This Morning with all the information I could possibly need.

Now I know that traipsing to different supermarkets can be a bit of a pain but it is the only way to get the best prices and well worth the planning. You may not wish to visit them all on the same day, maybe choose one that stocks the products you can freeze first followed by those that have the cheapest fresh food nearer to the day.

So if you missed it, here is the list of the best priced food according to This Morning which focused heavily on luxury products:-


Large beef roasting joint was £11.00 – now £5.00
1kg Salmon was £24.00 – now £12.00
Seven cheese selection pack, serves 19, was £8.00 – now £4.00


M Signature fruit stuffing parcels, 6 pack £2.99
Chocolate choux crown £3.00
Shellfish platter £5.99
Large fruit panettone £2.00


Prosecco Magnum, serves 12, was £19.50 – now £14.50
Large smoked gammon joint, serves 4, was £6 – now £3.00
Blanc de Blancs champagne £22.50
Taste the Difference mulled wine £6
Fox’s Fabulously Biscuit Selection 600g was £6 – now £4 until 1 January
Cognac laced christmas pudding, serves 8, was £12.00 – now £6.00


Pierre Darcys Champagne was £24.25, now £10.00
Special bucks fizz smoked salmon, serves 2 , £3.00


Vintage manx christmas pudding £12.99
Specially Selected serrano ham leg £34.99
Specially Selected wild lobster tails with garlic butter £9.99
Whole salami with cutting board £3.99


Whole cooked canadian lobster, serves 2, £5.00
Winter berry glistening gateau £4.00
Whole cooked canadian lobster £5.00
Apple and red cabbage £1.00


Vintage Arestel cava brut £4.99

Whole self-basting turkey with giblets £9.99, Serves 4-8

Brandy butter 200g – deluxe brandy butter £1.59
Allini prosecco de spumante £4.99
Favorina panettone classico £3.99
Pack of 6 oysters £2.79

Deluxe christmas chutneys £1.29 each

The Good Housekeeping Cost of Christmas Survey also features some great prices and show’s that Christmas dinner can actually be served for just £2.66 per head which is actually less than in 2013 due to the battle between retailers and traditional supermarkets. Research found that the cost of feeding eight on Christmas Day could be as little as £21.31 which is the third cheapest basket since the survey began in 2009.

A like-for-like comparison across all 10 leading supermarkets found Iceland was the cheapest, with dinner for eight people costing £27.84, including fresh vegetables.

Fellow discounter and last year’s winner Lidl came second at £28.13, followed by Morrisons (£29.12) and Aldi (£32.06).

Good Housekeeping consumer director Caroline Bloor said: “It’s a constant struggle for many to keep family food bills under control, but the current battle between the traditional supermarkets and the discounters is pulling prices down for everyone – and will continue to do so.

“Even at the most expensive supermarkets there are still bargains to be found, for example Waitrose’s Christmas cake is 49p cheaper than Aldi’s and the cost of potatoes and carrots is broadly the same across all retailers.

The Good Housekeeping £2.66 Christmas dinner ingredients across all supermarkets are:

Turkey: Lidl Braemoor (£9.99);

Potatoes: The Co-operative Maris Piper 1.5kg (£1.50);

Sage and onion stuffing: Morrisons, Asda, Tesco 2x85g (30p);

Sprouts: Aldi 750g (49p);

Carrots: Aldi 1.2kg (49p);

Parsnips: Tesco 750g (90p);

Cranberry sauce: Tesco Everyday Value 185g (50p);

Christmas pudding: Sainsbury’s Basics 2x454g (£2);

Brandy butter: Aldi, Lidl 200g (£1.49);

Mince pies: Sainsbury’s Basics Mince Puffs x 8 (65p);

Christmas cake: Large Iced Fruit Bar 800g (£3).

Will you be shopping around for your festive fayre this year or sticking with just one supermarket?


Frugal Present Wrapping


Buying gifts can be expensive at the best of times.  There have been many an occasion where I actually dread having to not only buy the gift, but then there is the cost of the card and of course, the obligatory gift bag or wrapping paper and tag.

Last week I had to buy a gift for a new baby boy and was pretty chuffed to pick up a pack of two sheets of paper and two gift tags for just 80p in Morrisons (not to mention the cutest little slogan all-in-one in Debenhams reduced to just £2.40!) but for other celebrations like birthdays, I try and keep a roll of wrapping paper in the house as I find this works out cheaper and you seem to have less waste, just being able to cut off the correct size for your gift and no minuscule bits of wrapping paper laying around that will never get used.


I buy a roll that is pretty universal in design, something that will work for all occasions and both genders and when it comes to tags, I pick up a pack of luggage tags for £1 in the local Post Office which I not only use on my suitcase when I go on holiday, but yes you’ve guessed it, I also use them as tags for gifts.


You can buy the classic buff coloured ones or the primary colours which work really well with my balloon themed paper  and use them for Christmas wrapping as well. Its a pretty fashionable way to address things at present and they are all the rage at weddings for either favours or place settings and will be sure to save you a few pennies in the long run.