Cut The Cost Of Celebrations


If you are being really organised and sorting out your finances to cover every eventuality the odd wedding invitation and the financial strain it puts on most people won’t be an issue for you, but if money is really tight  the thought of paying out for stag/hen do’s, overnight stays in hotels, wedding gifts, outfits and  drinks on the day can actually add up to figures near £1,000 rather than a couple of hundred. What is supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration can actually fll you with dread and financial panic  but in most cases you will have heard that a wedding is in the offing months before the invitation actually arrives on the mat, so starting saving/planning immediately!

Hen and Stag parties are frequently weekends abroad but as not everybody can afford such a luxury there will often be a meal or drinks celebration at home nearer to the event so don’t feel obliged to attend.

If you need to travel a fair distance and a hotel stay is essential, book early to avoid disappointment and check out hotel chains for reasonably priced rooms such as Travel Lodge and Premier Inns.

Gone are the days of the Department store gift list, most young couples already have a home together and I have noticed over the last few years money seems to be the gift of choice and often to cover the cost of a honeymoon.  So how much should you give?  It all depends on your personal finances but for a couple attending both the ceremony and the reception it seems  that £50 – £75 is the going rate from the weddings I have attended and  the research I have  done asking around my own personal group of friends and family.  Reception only and£30 seems to be an acceptable figure.  A lot also depends on your relationship to the couple tying the knot, my figures are based on close friends, if you are close family you may wish to up my figures slightly.

When it comes to wedding attire and lack of funds, sales and ebay will be your best friends but before you get carried away with the idea of having to buy a new outfit, go through your wardrobe and see you already have something suitable, maybe a dress that you have only worn once to another wedding, do you have a friend who would lend  you something, it’s a big ask and might require that you dry clean the item after use.  Pencil skirts and trousers look completely different when worn with printed silk tops, heels, clutch and a hair piece, it doesn’t have  to be a dress, so think outside the box.  Most men will have a suit in their wardrobe, if not check ebay.  I  only recently saw a tie and pocket square set in what reminded me of a Liberty print on the M&S sale at only £5 so you can pick up some great bargains if you look hard  enough. Pretty dresses for young girls and suits for boys are also in abundance on ebay, but always ensure when buying clothes from an auction site that the description states in excellent condition, if in  doubt ask seller a question.

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