For The Love Of Aldi


For many many years in the lead up to Christmas, we buy a few extra food bits and pieces for the fast approaching festive season every week in an effort to spread the cost, but for some strange reason this year, we didn’t. It was pretty horrifying to have to do so much damage to our finances in one go, so we headed off to Aldi in an effort to curb our spending and save a few pennies and I was so pleased with our purchases we will definitely be heading there again next year.

Now my hubby is quite an indulgent spender with little thought for the consequences and this year he insisted on a goose, a duck and a turkey crown all of which we bought from Aldi and were as delicious as if they had been from M&S.

The basics also came up trumps with Maris Piper potatoes at 29p per bag, we bought six and our carrots, parsnips and sprouts came from there too! Large boxes of stuffing for 37p mixed up with our sausagement (also Aldi) for our homemade stuffing balls tasted no different than when we have used Paxo in the past.


We also bought some budget busting treats, like a box of 18 Macaroons above (frozen section) for £2.99 – a real steal when I pay £1.75 for just one in Lauderee whenever I visit London. They may be a little bit smaller but honestly tasted no different and the Chocolate melt in the middle pudding bought for those that don’t like Christmas Pud went down a treat and was utterly delicious and would of passed as Marks any day of the week. Sadly it disappeared before I got chance to take a picture so I grabbed one from the Aldi website so you know what to look out for next year!

So all in all Aldi was the place to be this Christmas and with a overflowing shopping trolley coming in at £133, our food shop wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it would be!

How did you cut food costs this Christmas?

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