Ice, Ice Baby!



Last weekend when it was really hot and sunny (no luck this past weekend sadly) I was desperate for an ice cold drink but had no ice.  We don’t seem to have ice cube trays any more and I certainly didn’t want to go to the supermarket and buy any, they had probably sold out anyway so there was only one thing to do – improvise!



A quick scout around the kitchen and it wasn’t long before I had transferred the eggs from their box into a wicker basket, cut the box in two, washed up the side I wanted to use and discarded the other, filled each little egg shape with water and popped it into the freezer!

It didn’t take long and before I knew it I had ice cubes! Not the traditional shaped ones admittedly but what the heck! I continued to churn out ice cubes every few hours and transfer into carrier bags which I placed in the outside freezer ensuring I have plenty of ice ready and waiting for a heatwave or a bottle of Aldi’s version of Pimms which is just as good as the real thing!

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