[Free Stuff] How About A New Boiler?


Sound too good  to be true, read on as you may just qualify!

It’s not great being in the financial position where you actually qualify for something free and although I scrimp and scrape so that the kids don’t go without and that we can sometimes have an annual holiday in the sun and afford other  luxuries,  the fact of the matter is, we did qualify for a new boiler under a government backed scheme.

I’m sure you, the same as us, have seen the Help-Link television advert and after a very costly repair to our  blown up boiler on New Years Day  2012, we knew that we were running  the gauntlet  with our engineer telling us upon repair that he  had no idea how long it would last so the advert for “affordable warmth” led us to investigate further,  as the boiler was making the most terrible noise which was actually scaring the life out of me every time  a tap turned on!

As one of the benefits we are in receipt of appeared to allow  us to qualify, we made an enquiry which in turn led to a visit from someone from  the company who assessed the house.  The chap was here for hours, measuring up,  checking all the radiators, then going through our paperwork as you have to supply evidence for the benefit you claim etc and a few weeks later we got a call to say we had been approved and our new boiler would be fitted within the next couple of weeks.

It hasn’t been in long enough for me to report any changes in our gas usage although I have been assured that how the new boiler works will save money in the long run.

How can anybody just give out new boilers worth £2,500 you may ask, well naturally I picked the brains of the workmen involved and it turns out the gas and electricity companies were told by the government that they would have to pay millions in penalties or put money into a scheme  such as Help-Link which is actually cheaper for them, so it is classed as a government backed  scheme.

If you don’t qualify for a grant you can spread the cost of a new boiler by paying monthly, have a look on the website to find out all the details here.

My brother didn’t qualify but managed to replace their boiler by applying for a council grant and my sister in laws sister (that’s a mouth full) obtained a council grant to replace her  windows.  There will be certain conditions with a council  grant, maybe age of property and it may cover only essential repairs and will have to be repaid if you sell the house within a certain term, but if you need urgent works that you can’t afford, give your local council a ring to find out if they can help.


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