[Food] One Pork Joint, Three Tasty Dinners


I took advantage of the Sainsburys half price on pork joints offer last week and had a delicious roast on Sunday with plenty of leftovers, enough in fact to recreate two tasty dinners.


First up was the meal I had seen on the Sainsburys TV advert using pork leftovers from their “Live Well  For Less” campaign here.  Upon first looking at the recipe I thought it actually took an awful lot of ingredients, so could work out costly if you didn’t have the items already in the fridge, but luckily for me I did have a butternut squash and two leeks. I didn’t have any pearl barley so substituted this with red lentils.


The recipe says to use any leftover green veg, I had cauliflower and broccoli but to be honest you could use carrots if you didn’t have or want to buy a butternut squash.

I think it’s important to tweak the recipes to the items you already have in the store cupboard/fridge and not spend out buying anything in,  as this defeats the object of saving money.  I only needed 300g of pork for this and had the same amount if not a little more, left for another meal.


I toyed with the idea of buying an uncut loaf and making sandwiches with the remaining meat, a bit of pickle and all is well with the world.


But instead I made the curry or “fry” as it is described, which I have featured in my leftovers page here.


I had all the ingredients required in the house already, except a green chilli, but I had red so used one of those instead.  Upon eating, it made me realise how quick and easy it is to make something that is actually authentic and packed full of flavour.  It’s just herbs, spices, tomatoes and meat, so from a calorific point of view this can’t possibly be fattening, nor can the Sainsburys leftover pork recipe as it’s just veg, meat and stock, so both these meals get a thumbs up from me and they went down well with the family too!

One joint of pork costing £6.95 fed  a family of four three times this week and bearing in mind that both these dinners can be made using any left over meat, I look forward to finding a half price on lamb deal!

Have you had any tasty meals using leftovers this week?

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