[Socialising] Another Budget Night Out And A Free One On The Horizon

Fizzy pink champagne

When my best friend comes home for the weekend, which isn’t too often, we normally pop out for a bite to eat and a catch up.  It felt very unfortunate to have been invited out last Friday for a birthday lunch and then for my friend to be coming home later that day with a get together planned for Sunday evening.  As  I mentioned in Friday’s post, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money this month but the ethos of this blog is the luxury life for less, so hell yeah that does mean going out occasionally and at least looking like you can afford to socialise!

I had initially thought we would be going to our local Indian Restaurant who do a buffet night on a Sunday for £10.95 but instead we went to a local pub and had a bar meal which only cost me £4.95!

After setting aside £40 for both events I am pleased to report I have plenty of change and have had two events out for less than £20. OK so I know I am not drinking anybody under the table and that nights out with lots of drink are costly, but did have a G&T last night which was most enjoyable and I certainly don’t feel as if I am going without as drinking doesn’t bother me too much.

Next night out will be a complete freebie, my hair stylist has moved to a newly opened Salon who have their launch party next week. The invitation says canapes and bubbles which of course will be free, it’s probably the only reason I’m going.  And there I was telling you all that I rarely go out and then another friend has asked me to go to the cinema next week too!  Honestly four nights out in less than a fortnight will no doubt mean I will be stuck in for the next six months but we are going to take advantage of me being an EE customer for my mobile phone (t-mobile & orange users only) and get the buy one get one free on Orange Wednesdays, or go to an Odeon cinema on a Tuesday where entry for an adult is just £5.  I must admit there are so many films I want to watch at the moment, I don’t know how we are going to choose!

I’m  really pleased this weekend has proved  you can catch up with friends and eat out for less than the cost of a bottle of wine and don’t have to turn down every invitation even  when money is really tight. Personally I intend to keep my change for the cinema next week with the remainder going in an envelope  marked “socialising” for whatever event may crop up next.  I never budget for nights out but as I have this money set aside, I might as well keep it for future use.

So whether you are catching up with a girlfriend or planning a date night with your partner, check out websites of local pubs or restaurants to see what budget friendly options are available and check out any deal nights your local cinema may have.


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