[Eating Out] 2 meals for £10, Who Knew?

Food And Drink Hero Image

I have  to admit I had never been to a Brewers Fayre pub/restaurant before and when I was invited out to lunch with a group of girls for a friends birthday, I was a little apprehensive to be honest and really concerned about the money I would spend as I have also been invited out on Sunday to catch up with one  of my best friends who is home for the weekend.

I only had to see the 2 for £10 section of the lunch menu and I soon had a smile on my face.  Everyone  else seemed to be ordering from these specials, so with a glass of pepsi which you can refill as often as you wish, it was a total win, win.

I ordered the fish and chips (well it was Friday) and it was really nice. I liked the look of everything else that was ordered, smothered chicken, curry, sausage and mash etc and even though they also have a small selection of desserts on special also, I was really good and didn’t have one, so spent a grand total of £7.35 and had a good three hours of laughter and chat with friends, priceless.

Brewers  Fayre also do  a loyalty card system where you can swap points for food, certainly worth picking one up if you eat there regularly. Find out more here.

I had allocated £30 for both events this week and to be honest, it is really rare for me to go out twice a month let alone twice in one week.  I will let you know how much I spend on Sunday, I’m hoping to stay on track with the buffet night at the local curry house! Speak soon and have a great  weekend!

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