[Bargains] Midweek Money Saving


I haven’t really made any new years resolutions of the type that can so easily be broken, like diet and exercise, but one thing I really want to get on top of this year is remembering peoples birthdays.  I really am totally useless, family, friends, it makes no difference, I always forget but going into Card Factory this morning to get a card for my nephew (yay, I remembered!) I saw a great deal  which will really help me to never be without a card.  10 cards for £1, wow, that’s what I call a deal, so I picked up a selection for both male and female and feel really pleased with myself!


I then popped into Boots to pick up a prescription and had a browse through the clearance shelf.  Nothing left from the 70% sale but I picked up two sun lotions ready for summer, got to the checkout and they went through on a buy one get one free promotion, so the £3.50 one was completely free! In fact they were both free as I used my Boots Advantage Card points as I am trying not to spend a lot this week. So win, win.


And finally as I bought them last Wednesday night, they are allowed to be included in my Midweek Money Saving round – up, the parsnips that cost me 9p a bag in Morrisons made the most delicious soup.

What are your Midweek Money Savers this week?

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