[MONEY] Selling Stuff To Make Money


It’s not always easy to make money quickly, which can be a bit of a problem if you are strapped for cash and need funds urgently.

If you need money right now or just wish to make some extra cash from unwanted items, you need to get selling.

There is no doubt that since I started reading money related blogs, it seems that thriftiness and de-cluttering go hand in hand and for me, there is something very satisfying about having a good clear out whether it’s my wardrobe, garage or a toy cupboard and even more so if I find anything unwanted that I know will bring in some extra cash.


In my area we have facebook groups where you can sell stuff called facebay.  We have facebay for clothes and the like, and another for household goods and furniture.  These sites certainly come in handy for things that you think won’t sell on ebay or are too difficult to do so, like a bike or a sofa. If you are selling something that you know there will be a market for, it can be sold within minutes of you posting an ad with collection within the hour on some occasions, so you can get cash really quickly.  A friend of mine sold two iphone 4’s in excellent condition and got similar to the ebay price they were achieving at the time, without having to pay an ebay/paypal commission or the bother of posting.  If you are unsure about whether something similar exists in your area, just post a facebook status as someone is bound to know.

Boot Fairs

Another great way to clear clutter and make some cash from it, and although it isn’t really boot fair season, check your local newspaper for details of indoor boot fairs in your own or surrounding areas if you need to make some money now.  I use boot fairs for clothes that I don’t deem good enough for ebay, ie from cheaper high street stores or supermarkets, school uniform and even kids underwear. I also usually sell shoes, accessories, books, household items and toys. I always find it’s good to have a range of items for sale as that way you have something to appeal to all buyers.  My best tips are to make sure clothes are clean and pressed.  Make sure games don’t have any pieces missing and that electrical items do actually work.  Pricing up goods can take a while but it does save all the questions on the day but can put people off who then don’t even bother to haggle, whereas if you engage in conversation by saying “2 quid” it then gives the potential buyer the opportunity to come back with “£1.50”. I normally always have a price in mind and for some things, I just won’t budge and would rather take the item home.  I have a brand new kettle which is purple, bought by my mother in law last Christmas. Brand new in box I was determined I wouldn’t take less than £10 and on that basis, I still have it even though it was £35 new and has never been used, so my advice is stay strong but do be realistic on your pricing as you don’t want to bring it all back home. My top tips to attract buyers would be to keep a tidy stall with everything displayed well. Large boxes of oddments with a 50p label will get rummaged through. Don’t leave anything in the car, if buyers can’t see it, they can’t buy it! Use a clothes rail to display items to their best advantage. Keep your eyes peeled and your money on you, a bum bag is best.  Wear clothes for every weather condition, layers are good as you can remove them if the sun comes out and it gets hotter. Always take sunscreen, sunglasses, hat etc I can’t tell you the amount of times I have seen people sunburnt and sore.  Take ample refreshments as burger vans charge a fortune. Small children bore easily and won’t appreciate being woken up at the crack of dawn so leave them at home (not on their own obviously).  Make sure you have lots of carrier bags and plenty of change. Check large notes and beware of the buyer about to purchase something costing 50p with a £20 note, I have had a fake before, once caught twice shy, although not all buyers are dishonest, you must be aware that some might be, you can buy fake note pens on ebay.


I actually hate ebay (there I said it) but I realise that sometimes I really do have to list stuff.  I’ve been doing it long enough to know which brands always attract bids and which ones don’t, and as I mentioned before the cheaper clothes are kept for Boot Fairs but anything from shops like Karen Millen, Hobbs, Ted Baker etc usually bring in a good return.  I also find perfume goes really well as does Mac, Bobbi Brown and Chanel make-up.  So do your research before you intend to list.  I start all my bids at 99p to attract bidders and to eliminate listing fee’s.  I know if I am selling something worth a lot of money I will get it and would rather end the auction early if that is not being achieved, although do bear in mind lots of bidders come out of the woodwork in the dying seconds.

You can also set a reserve if necessary.  I only really sell clothes, shoes and accessories of my own and my families but you can of course sell anything.  My recommendations are that listings last at least 5 days and research has shown that items do better if the auction ends on a Sunday night.  Brand names are important, if selling a set of Le Crueset saucepans, don’t just list as a set of saucepans, always use the brand name to attract bids. Not the quickest way to make some cash but great if you need to save for a holiday or an event you may have coming up, or perhaps you just wish to replace and update the clothes you have sold or your child has outgrown.

Selling jewellery

The price of gold was at an all time high a few years back but if you have any jewellery to sell and need cash instantly, forget about sending it off in those pre-paid envelopes, take to a local jeweller instead where payment is instant.  Prices do vary so shop around, I got offered £92 by one local jeweller and £94 from another.  Payment is on weight only so it doesn’t matter if items are broken or you only have one earring, it will all go in a melting pot.

Dress Agencies

Sell high end or designer items via a dress agency and be prepared to pay commission with the agency taking as much as 50% of the selling price.  You will have to wait until your item is sold and items are usually kept for 3 or 6 months before any unsold items are returned.  If you don’t need the cash urgently and can’t be bothered with ebay, this could be perfect for you. My top tip would be to ensure the business is well established with a good reputation before you leave anything of value. Ask around as friends might have used this method of selling and making money.  Some agencies have a good client base with frequently changing stock and are likely to be more successful in an affluent area.

Garage Sale

I know of one locally that seems to do very well but the house concerned is situated right next door to the village shop which is constantly busy, so a garage sale can be successful but you need to think about your location and if you have many people passing by, either on foot or by car. Another key factor is advertising, put up posters in local shops and maybe even an add in the local newspaper if it isn’t too expensive.  Spread the word via your facebook account and even twitter, mention a few key items that you are selling to generate interest i.e. light fittings, quality clothes, bedding, Dr Who collectables, uniform for the local school. It’s all in the marketing!

Look after everything you own, keep items clean and always keep the boxes, one day you may just need to sell it.

How do you sell stuff to make money?

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