[BEAUTY] Skincare Essentials In The 70% Off Boots Sale

20140115-164645.jpgI didn’t have any luck with the Boots sale online, everything I wanted to add to my basket had already sold out, so annoying!  Why can’t the items be automatically removed from websites once they are sold out, surely there must be a way.

I did pop into my local branch at lunchtime today, it is only a very small shop which doesn’t even sell high end perfume or beauty brands, so very basic in it’s offerings and not much on sale left at all, no mens gift sets and just a couple of Sanctuary ones. I was however thrilled to bits to pick up this No.7 Protect and Perfect gift set, originally £16 and with 70% off, down to £4.80. I bought two.

I won’t be putting these away to use as  gifts, these are for me. When you think about the cost of skincare, even budget brands, this will come in really handy and the sizes are perfect for travel, a weeks holiday (under the 100ml hand luggage only allowance) or a weekend away.

I love a wash off cleanser and have never tried this one so look forward to testing it out.  I am also impressed with the headband, it’s so soft and lovely, perfect for keeping my hair out of the way when I wash my face.

If you want to try your luck on the website you can take a look here.  I hope you manage to grab a bargain or two. Did you go instore today?

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