[FOOD] This Weeks Great Supermarket Deals


Just popped into my local co-op to use the cash machine and was impressed with some great offers this week.


£2.50 for Cheese and £1 for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.


Half price pork joints and packs of bacon.

20140113-125351.jpgHaving only just done my fortnightly shop I didn’t really need any of the deals but at least I know where to go if I either run low or if any of those items are needed during the next fortnight. I did however, pick up a pizza. Not a fan as a rule, unless it’s from Dominos (although the kids are) but I like to have one in the freezer for emergencies. I tend to throw one in the oven maybe on a Sunday for supper if we have had a fairly early roast and at only £1.50 for a 12inch, it just had to be done!

Sainsbury’s also have pork joints on offer at half price and I picked up my favourite Oat So Simple syrup flavoured porridge for just £1.49 for a large box of 15 sachets. A much better deal than the two boxes of 10 for £4 which is the normal offer most supermarkets run.

Morrisons also have pork joints and loin steaks at half price.

What is it with pork this week?

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