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For those of you like me, who really can’t give up your morning latte and love a trip to the coffee shop at other times of the week, maybe when out shopping on a Saturday or meeting a girlfriend for lunch, one of the things I always do is to take advantage of the coffee chain loyalty cards.  Whether it be from the local Pumpkin train station cafe as I grab a drink before a train journey or mid shopping trip break in Costa, I really can’t see the point of spending out without getting something back, getting my loyalty card stamped and looking forward to my freebie coffee when my card is full!

John Lewis launched a loyalty card scheme back in October which allows them to build a profile on your shopping habits in exchange for free coffee and cake, entry into prize draws, special offers and previews. Sign up instore or online here.

Waitrose also run a loyalty card system that allows you to have free tea or coffee every day. You can choose from Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea, Mocha and Espresso. Find out more here.

It may not be my favourite coffee drinking destination nor have the best tasting coffee in town but if you do occasionally treat your kids to a McDonalds, peel the stickers off the cups and look forward to your freebie.

Don’t forget about local coffee shops either, we have two independents in our local town who also offer a loyalty card scheme so always ask!

Get a tall Latte for just £1.50 before 11am every Monday in January at Starbucks.

Do you use your coffee shop loyalty cards on a regular basis?

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