[FOOD] Late Night Supermarket Shopping


A quick trip to Tesco last night resulted in a few bargains.  Many things for today’s pack up like pots of pasta and noodle salad for less than 20p each, finest ham which went into a quiche earlier today and chicken for the Ciabatta rolls reduced to 50p for four. Pots of pineapple at 10p each always go down well in the lunch boxes but something I wouldn’t dream of buying at full price!


Small wholemeal loaf for 17p, pack of parsley for 8p and although 2014 has kicked off with a commitment to eating more healthily, I couldn’t resist 2 pots of fresh vanilla custard at 36p each once I saw that they could be frozen, perfect for crumbles or pies or just an indulgent treat with a banana if and when we can’t get by without something sweet. Nor I could I resist the four cream cakes for 42p, it is a one off treat and not something we have often. I figure all the healthy stuff is more than making up for the calories consumed!


The best buy of all is always flowers and at 30p a bunch I plumped for two, I like a nice full vase.


Flowers are a real luxury at full price but my home doesn’t feel complete without them. Oh and a scented candle!  That really is luxe for less!

I also had to buy a full price loaf of white bread for some family members and some bananas, so my my £5.42 reduced shopping basket increased by £2 to £7.42 and was the first food shopping I have done this year.

Have you got any late night supermarket bargains lately?

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