[CHRISTMAS] Planning Ahead For 2014


Oh no I hear you cry! We’ve only just got this one out of the way!  But after seeing Martin Lewis on This Morning earlier today, it was a stark reminder that we really do need to plan ahead for Christmas.

A lot of things the money saving expert mentioned, I am both pleased to report I have already done. New baubles for my much wanted tree colour theme next year – tick! new tree lights – tick! wrapping paper – tick! cards – tick!

And lets not forget the presents that have already been bought for next year, or birthdays through out the year, all at half price!  Scented candles, perfume, Ren gift sets from M&S where my cards and wrap also came from.  Beautiful skin and perfume gift sets from Harrods, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Handbags, slippers and onesies from Accessorize.  Sales shopping isn’t just about buying for myself it’s about the forward planning although I appreciate not everybody can afford to do this straight after Christmas and if you have Xmas money to spend on yourself or items you need for the home, it won’t be fair to spend this on gifts for others.

The other thing Martin Lewis mentioned was of course, planning ahead for the cost of Christmas.  He mentioned that for most families the cost of Christmas comes somewhere in the region of £600.  All I can say to this is “lucky them” ours costs way more but we do save for it, presents, food and some left over for sale shopping is the plan and we have upped our savings this year to cover the cost of everything and for the first time have factored in unexpected costs like a huge family takeaway on Christmas Eve and Christmas meals with friends etc that can end up putting a strain on finances.

It doesn’t matter how much you save, the important thing is to save something and to keep it somewhere separate whether that be a seperate buildng society or bank account, or a tin under the bed!


Another thing I like to do is collect ribbon all year round in any colour, shape or form to give a lovely touch to my present wrapping. Ribbon also looks fabulous on presents that are wrapped in brown paper which comes in at less than £1 a roll, looks really stylish and comes in handy for birthday wrapping too!


Do you budget ahead for Christmas?

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